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Student Emergency Funds

By Washburn University

Support Washburn University's Student Emergency Funds

A financial emergency can happen to anyone at any time. These circumstances may prevent a Washburn student from attending classes, or if severe, continuing to seek their degree. Your gift to one of the projects below will help qualified students meet an immediate need that can help them stay enrolled and continue toward their degree.



A financial emergency can happen to anyone at any time. These circumstances may prevent someone from attending classes, or if severe, continuing to seek their degree. Ichabods Moving Forward is a student-led philanthropic organization under the guidance of the Washburn University Alumni Association and Foundation. We provide an opportunity for students to help fellow Ichabods through difficult times by supporting an emergency assistance fund for students. Together, we can make a difference! By donating to the Ichabods Moving Forward student emergency fund, you will help a student in need. One-hundred percent of your donation goes into the emergency fund.

Many of Washburn's students have already been the recipients of grants or other necessary items through student emergency funds. Here is what they had to say:



Bods Feeding Bods is Washburn University's food and commodities pantry. The services of the pantry are available to any member of the Washburn community with an active i-Card. One-hundred percent of your donation goes to helping supply the food pantry and pay for necessities so it can continue operations.    



Project Non Nobis Solum was created to ensure students who live on campus and experience food and/or housing insecurities have an avenue to seek support, especially during break periods. While not always easily identifiable, the prevalence of college students who experience, or fear, homelessness and going hungry is significant. By supporting Project Non Nobis Solum, you can show students who are housing and food insecure that they no longer need to be alone in their struggle. It is this type of coming together as a greater Washburn community that brings action to Washburn’s motto, Non Nobis Solum.


The Care Closet provides relief to Washburn University Institute of Technology students who are experiencing hardships such as food insecurity, clothing, basic hygiene supplies and other basic living expenses. Your gift can help students afford these expenses while still maintaining the needed focus on their education.


The Ichabod Opportunity fund supports high-potential, low-income college students struggling to stay in school. This past year, the Center for Student Success has witnessed first-hand the dramatic toll the pandemic has taken on students. They have experienced tremendous financial, academic and personal difficulty, gritting it out and finding success amid extraordinary circumstances. This fund will be used to help students continue to weather the pandemic and stay on track for graduation. 


Student Victim Assistance Fund will financially help students leave or avoid situations that create a challenging environment for completing their degree. This fund will directly support the basic needs of students in these situations. The fund may also support the education and prevention of domestic and sexual violence.


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