Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Throughout the two academic years, SAAC has explored and identified four areas in which we believe we can help our student-athletes grow and expand: mental health, nutrition, social justice and community service. Last year, SAAC hosted its first ever Social Justice Series, a 7-part virtual lecture series that explored topics such as voting rights, race and the law, Indigenous culture, race and sports, among many others. This year, SAAC hopes to continue the work from the Social Justice Series while also tackling another pillar: mental health. SAAC readily acknowledges what has been done in the past, and as an organization is ready to change the ways in which social justice and mental health are seen and perceived within our community. To do this, SAAC hopes to use the funds raised to create a new mental health series that brings in speakers (in person or virtually depending on the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic) while also continuing the conversation around social justice through a second series of speakers. Our hope is that these events will spark ideas within our students’ minds that create calls to action and provide more resources and education to our campus community. As an organization, we hope to encourage all individuals within our department, our fans and our community to understand that in order to be the change, we have to be educated and willing to bravely confront uncomfortable conversations and realities. By providing this educational series, we will provide education from reliable sources found within our very own Topeka as well as outside experts. It’s time to keep the momentum going and continue to advocate for a better world.

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