Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has explored and identified four areas we believe we can help our student-athletes grow and expand: mental health, nutrition, social justice, and community service. Of these four pillars, we believe social justice intersects with the other three, especially in how marginalized and underrepresented groups within our communities experience these pillars. Often, resources related to mental health, nutrition and community services are marketed and more readily available to those in groups with more power and privilege. For years, social justice has been underprioritized and underrepresented within our communities and country. SAAC readily acknowledges what has been done in the past, and as an organization is ready to change the ways in which social justice is seen and perceived within our community. To do this, SAAC hopes to continue a social justice series that brings in speakers and/or host events that highlight each of these four pillars and draw parallels between each.

Our hope is that these events will spark ideas within our students’ minds that create calls to action and provide more resources and education to these underrepresented groups. As an organization, we hope to encourage all individuals within our department, our fans, and our community to understand that in order to be the change, we have to be educated and willing to bravely confront uncomfortable conversations and realities. By providing this educational series, we will provide education from reliable sources found within our very own Topeka community regarding injustices riddled throughout our history. This opportunity we are striving to build is an experience unlike anything we have experienced before.

From the moment we all stepped on campus, we were surrounded with the mindset that we are lifelong learners and leaders; what better way to act on this statement than to create an educational series that can potentially shape a lifelong commitment to learning and advocacy on topics that are prevalent to rewriting our histories?

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