International and Comparative Law Center

The International and Comparative Law Center (ICLC) coordinates and administers much of the curriculum, programming, and scholarly activity that relates to international and comparative law at Washburn University School of Law. This includes programs for Washburn law students to study abroad. We have study abroad programs in:

* Osaka, Japan

* Barbados, West Indies 

* Maastricht, The Netherlands 

The programs provide students with an incredible opportunity to learn not only different perspectives on the operation of law and policy, but to develop a deeper understanding of global systems and foreign cultures. 

One of the primary purposes of this round of fund-raising for the ICLC is to build a fund that will help support these programs. We want to make sure that all students who have the desire to expand their horizons in this way are able to do so, regardless of individual financial means or circumstances. 

Washburn Law students dining with lawyers from the Osaka Bar Association after a field trip to OBA office.

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