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Dr. Jerry and Susan Farley Non Nobis Solum Scholarship

 By Washburn University

Support the Dr. Jerry and Susan Farley Non Nobis Solum Scholarship

We all know Washburn University is a stronger institution because of a quarter century of leadership from Dr. Jerry Farley and the kindness and compassion of Jerry, and his wife, Susan. They live Washburn’s motto of ‘Non Nobis Solum,’ or ‘Not for Ourselves Alone.’

You can take pride in what we built in 25 years with Dr. Farley as president. Washburn is a well-designed series of campuses with first-rate academic programs and a vibrant student life. Dr. Farley’s leadership has changed lives – generational changes, dreams fulfilled, a community and region enriched.

But, the physical campus we know today will not last forever. Buildings will age. Academic programs will change. The nature of higher education will evolve. Dr. Farley knew this from day one. He knows Washburn is more than buildings and in-demand programs. We are built on the students who are engaged learners and go on to become proud alumni and supporters like you. That’s why we created the Dr. Jerry and Susan Farley Non Nobis Solum Fund, a scholarship for deserving students to attend Washburn, grow and be nurtured, reach for their dreams and become prominent alumni.

You may have heard about the Farleys’ recent gift of $2 million to support student scholarships. Scholarships make an important difference in student’s lives because they allow students' to focus on their education. We are grateful for the significant investment from them and their ongoing commitment to Washburn now and in the future. 

We are asking you to join them and make a gift to the Dr. Jerry and Susan Farley Non Nobis Solum scholarship fund to honor the Farleys. As an endowed fund, your gift will live on forever, and each year, more students will know the kindness and leadership of Jerry and Susan Farley.

Jerry and Susan made Washburn and Topeka their home for 25 years and will continue to do so in retirement. Your gift to this scholarship can support their legacy and help Washburn’s continuous focus on student learning and opportunities endure.

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