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Family & Human Services Addiction Counseling Textbook Scholarship

By Family & Human Services Department

Help First-Year Master's Students with Curriculum Need

Textbooks cost roughly $700 for first-year master's students in the addiction counseling program. These materials are tied to curriculum requirements for addiction counseling licensure in Kansas. Students are likely to rent these textbooks to save money, however, they are best purchased and kept to study for the licensure exam and inform clinical work post-graduation. 

Following Day of Giving, we are still hoping to meet our goal to raise $2,100 to provide three addiction counseling graduate students with $700 textbook scholarships in 2023-2024. You can help reduce one barrier to an advanced degree for three unique students. Financial concerns can deter students from entering a graduate program, and the addiction counseling field can't afford to lose potential licensed professionals, especially those who can step into leadership roles like our master's students.

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